What is Direct Connect and openDCd?:
Direct Connect is a Peer2Peer Filesharing System, created by Jon Hess,
All Files in the Direct Connect Network hosted at the Client Machines. If a client want to download a File,
he create a connection to the Client who shares the File and download the File from directly from him.
No Files stored at the Server. If a User is searching for files, the Client sends a Searchrequest over the Server to all other Clients. If a Client have some files that matches the search request, the Client creates a Connection to the Searching User and answering the search request.

openDCd is a opensource implementation of the direct connect Hub

The offical Hub Software is freely (but not opensource) available for Windows only at

Direct connect Clones for Linux/Unix and Windows:
Currently the offical Direct Connect Client supports only Windows Machines.

If you have Linux or other Unix Versions you can't use the offical Client.
But, there some Open Source Clients available:

  • DCTC - A Linux C Client (Console, GUI available)

  • CCCP - A Linux C Client (Console, based at DCTC)

  • DC-QT - A Linux C++ DCTC GUI using the QT Libs (GUI only need DCTC)

  • Windows:
  • DC++ - A Windows GUI Client written in C++
  • Open Direct Connect - A Collection of Clients written in Visual Basic, Jave and C

  • GOOD LOOKING SEARCH A searching only DC Client

  • DeviaP2P - A Windows GUI Client written in Visual Basic (closed source)

  • Direct Connect Delphi - A Windows GUI Client written in Delphi (very Alpha, only for Developers yet)

  • Cross Platform:
  • javaDC - A CrossPlatform Client written in Java (Console, GUI available)

  • There some other Clients available at the net (sourceforge eg.), but the other (known) Clients are in planing state.

    Download openDCd:
    openDCd could be downloaded here:
  • openDCd Alpha 0.5.8 (Linux Binary) - Newest openDCd Release (2002/03/26)
  • openDCd Alpha 0.5.8 (Windows Binary) - Newest openDCd Release (2002/03/26)
  • openDCd Alpha 0.5.8 (Kylix/Delphi Source) - Newest openDCd Release (2002/03/26)

  • Older Versions availale at the Sourceforge Project site.

    Protocol spezifications of the - direct connect protocol
    Here you could download the (incomplete) protocol spezifications of the ddrect connect protocol.
    Download protocol specs

    openDCd created by SuxXx
    openDCd Website hosted by
    The openDCd Project Page is available here: Project Page

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